Thursday, December 20, 2012

It is a season for hot ramen!!!
Chilly, windy and drizzling weather these days.
So why not to try our ramen?
We have our winter ramen, called " SUPER MISO RAMEN",
It is our original miso based chicken soup ramen topped with
homemade pickled cabbages, sesame oil brasied garlic, spicy butter,
corn, scallion, boiled egg and pork cha siu.
Our original miso paste is not miso paste you find in super market.
We add some fruits, spicies and sake, etc. to give more flavor!
Miso based ramen has come from Northern Island of Japan where has the same cold weather as New York.
We are sure that our SUPER MISO RAMEN gives you some power and warm you up!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Our orignal ramen, called "TYSON RAMEN"is in CHOPSTICKS MAGAZINE in this month issue!!! It is a big article. There are pictures of SHINOBI RAMEN, SOY RAMEN & TYSON RAMEN in the article. We have been selling TYSON RAMEN a lot these days! It is our premium soy sauce based ramen in our original chicken broth topped with 4 hours stewed pork ribs, pickled cabbage, boiled egg and scallions.
You will be very surprised how big those ribs are! They are usually sticking out from bowls.The ribs are very juicy and tender. Since they are so soft and tender, their bones come off by themself. We sold out TYSON RAMEN by 10pm last night, Nov 9th.

Please come and try our TYSON RAMEN to charge some energy for this cold weather!!!
It may be sold out soon tonight too?

our sign has been back in the place outside

Our sign for the restaurant has been finally back outside!
It was taken off from the wall by Storm SANDY.
We were really lucky that we still had power and gas.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

shinobi closed for 2 days

Shinobi was managed to open from last tuesday that was right after Sandy hit the city.
We just lost the sign outside. Weluckly had power and water. However, We have recieved no deliveries from our suppliers since last wednesday. As a result, we ran out of noodles and had to be closed yesterday Nov 3rd and today 4th.
The owner of Shinobi has just picked up noodles from one of our suppliers around 4:30pm today sunday Nov 4th. So we will be open from 6pm til noodles lasts on Monday Nov 5th. We are not honestly sure when we will recieve a delivery of noodles? hopefully on this friday?
hope to see you guys @ SHINOBI!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween is coming soon!

Halloween is  coming soon!
We have been seeing Halloween deco @  almost everywhere we go.
So we decided to have something that our guests feel like Halloween @ Shinobi too.
We are no really good @ deco for events.
But we put some pumpkins, etc. on tables.

"Always Ramen season!"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Birthday party

We had a birthday party a few days ago @ Shinobi.
This lady came in and wanted to have a dinner for her friend birthday @ that night.
A group of 10 ppl. That was their last minite reservation attempt, I guess?
She came in around 6:30 to do it and the group came in @ 8:30pm.
We normally do NOT take reservations and large groups since the restaurant is such a small.
But we took this one somehow?
It was a really good birthday party. Everyone came almost @ the same time and no mess, no overstayed.
Everyone seemed to enjoy dinning @ Shinobi.
Still our Shinobi Ramen is the best seller!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our New Ramen for this winter

 We have changed to our winter menu since a week ago.
As a result, our two cold ramens, called BBG and GEISHA ramens, are
out from our menu. Instead, we have added three new ramens in
our winter menu.
 First one is called "SUPER MISO RAMEN".
That is topped with pickled cabbage, corn, scallion, boiled egg,
pork cha siu, sesame oil braised garlic and homemade spicy butter
in our premium miso paste based chicken broth. This ramen has become
one of our best sellers already!!!

 Second one is called" VEGGIE MISO RAMEN".
That is Miso paste and our original veggie broth based whole wheat noodles Ramen.
It is topped with bean sprouts, cabbage, corn, scallions, organic tofu.
*We also offer our premium soy sauce based Veggie Ramen that we had in our menu before.

 Third one is called "VEGGIE TAN TAN MEN".
This is a vegetarian version of Regular Tan Tan Men that we have in our menu.
It is whole wheat noodles Ramen topped with bean sprouts, cabbage, corn, scallions,
organic tofu in our original spicy sesame and bean paste soup.

Please come to try these new ramens!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Geisha cold ramen 2012 sold out

As the title tells, the last portion of Geisha cold ramen @ Shinobi Ramen was sold yesterday Sep 21st for this year 2012.
As fall arrived, we will change our summer menu to our winter one sometime in Oct. We still have the other cold ramen, BBG cold Ramen, that is one of our BEST sellers.NY Magazine pick!  BBG Ramen = Cold egg noodles topped with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, pulled chicken, boiled egg, sesame seeds and our homemade spicy oil.  We just made its sauce for about 12 orders. Once this sauce is sold out, BBG will be taken off from our menu til next summer. so hurry up if you have never tried or love BBG!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To maximize the teste of our ramen

:A few important things to maximize the taste of our ramen:

- mix all toppings in soup to maximize the taste before enjoying ramen
- taste soup before adding any spices
- enjoy noodles when they are still "KATAME" OR "AL DENTE"
- enjoy finishing noodles and soup to make shinobi staffs happy!

-please request for your ramen with less salt if you would like to enjoy finishing your soup

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Labor day

We will be closed on Labor day Sep 3rd and Sep 4th. All our staff will be refreshed and be happier to cook our dishes with love for our guests!!! We will be reopen from 6pm on Wed Sep 5th. Thank you

Friday, August 10, 2012

Shinobi Ramen's signature broth

We have started locating notes about our signature broth on the tables and the counters in the shop. Those notes say that Shinobi Ramen's signature broth is prepared daily from fresh whole chicken( No pork or fish added), fruits and vegetables, and then slow cooked for seven hours to enhance and deepen the natural flavors of the ingredients. We may be an only ramen shop in the U.S. that serves this kind of specific broth. Our broth is not as heavy or buttery as pork based one, or not as fishy as fish based one, BUT it has excellent flavor and deepness of the ingredients. We also serves Pork bun sliders and Pork gyoza for pork lovers.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shinobi's Appetizers

When Shinobi Ramen was open last Nov, there were only two appetizers to start with. They were Shinobi's Japanese style fried chicken and fried pork dumplings. Our fried chicken is our original. It is marinated in soy sauce, sake and some spicies and fried with spiced up flour! A bit spicy! It is served with our original Teriyaki sauce on the side. Our Pork dumplings = Gyoza are fried as well. Usually pan-fried in most of restaurants, but we prefer fried. Yeah, FRIED!!! Crispy outside and juicy inside! They are served with our Teriyaki sauce as well. we have six kinds of appetizers on our menu now. Don't forget trying our homemade Kim Chee! It is fermented in our original spicy sauce for 4 days. It is pretty spicy! come n' try our appetizers!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


what a weather!!! hope everyone stays away from this crazy heat. As we posted at the last time, we have 2 kinds of cold ramen at Shinobi Ramen for this crazy summer. BBG and GEISHA RAMEN New York Magazine posted them in its Approval Matrix!!! It just said "cold ramen at Shinobi ramen in Bushwick" with a small picture. I guess that was our BBG Ramen? Even though the picture was real small, many people found it and called, texted and told us about it. We are really happy about it!!! We sold BBG more than GEISHA ramen before, but GEISHA HAS BEEN CATCHING UP THESE DAYS. IT IS 100 % VEGETARIAN RAMEN. If you haven't tried them, please come and try them!!! They are really refreshing dishes. really nice when it is really hot. The both sauce is original and homemade daily. Yes,I said the sauce is ORIGINAL. That means no one has the same sauce in ANYWHERE. Thank you for your support

Monday, April 9, 2012

Summer dishes!!!

Spring is here and Summer is around the couner?
So we have started serving our summer dishes. Those are 2 kinds of cold ramen with original sauces and an appetizer. "BBG ramen" is cold ramen served with an original spicy sesame sauce and topped with cucumber, tomato, lettuce, pulled chicken and boiled egg. "Geisha ramen" is cold vegetarian ramen served with an original miso and soy milk sauce and topped with grilled vegetable skewers, organic tofu, corn and scallion. We have also added "Pork ban sliders" served with stewed pork, scallion, teriyaki sauce and japanese mayo. Come and try our summer dishes!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

private party on 2/3/2012

It has been 2 and half month since shinobi was open.
We have seen some regulars, retuners and new customers everyday.
Fridays have been one of the busiest nights in Jan.
HOwever,we are going to be closed for a private party from 9pm to 11pm on Friday 2/3/2012. We will be open from 5:30pm to 8pm, so last walk-in will be at 8pm.
The next day Saturday 2/4 will be open from 6 to 11pm as usual.
Please come to taste ramens at Shinobi!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

been 2 months already

It has been 2 months since Shinobi was open.
We really really thank our customers for visiting and enjoying our dishes @ Shinobi.
We have been trying to improve our menu and service day by day.
In our first week, we started with just 3 kinds of ramen and no appetizers. Then we added 2 more in the second week. Now, we have 6 kinds of ramen and 1 winter special that is called Tyson Ramen and 6 kinds of appetizers on our menu. Tyson Ramen is soy sauce based ramen topped with stewed pork ribs, pickled cabbages, scallions and boiled egg. It is very popular, so sold out by 8pm when it is busy.
If we can have more space in our kitchen, we would like to have our original pork or chichen buns and cha han that is pan fried rice on our menu. We had chan han as our special once and our customers loved it!

Anyway, Thank you once again and we will post our updated menu asap.