Friday, June 21, 2013

1st Bushwick restaurant week

This is an event called "Bushwick restaurant week" that has started from June 17th 2013.
It will end on June 23rd. However, it will end on June 22nd at Shinobi Ramen since
we are closed on Sundays.
Anyway, we offer $15 prefix menu that comes with one appetizer, one ramen and ice cream!!!
 a choice of either homemade kim chee OR cold edamame.
a choice of either Shinobi Ramen ( soy flavored chicken soup ramen topped with sliced stewed pork and chicken, sprouts, cabbage, corn, scallions and boiled egg)

 Veggie Tan Tan ( spicy white sesame paste based whole wheat noodle ramen topped with
organic tofu, sprouts, cabbage, corn, scallions)
-Ice Cream:
a choice of either a piece Green tea Mochi Ice cream or Strawberry Mochi Ice cream
We also offer 15% food discount from our regular menu

It will end tomorrow! so come and try our special deals!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013


There was a festival called BUSHWICK OPEN STUDIO AND ART FESTIVAL in Bushwick in Brooklyn where Shinobi Ramen were located last weekend.
Many many people came to taste our ramen during the festivals.
We really thank them for coming.
Since those days were really hot days, so we sold out our signature cold ramen named "BBG" before 9pm. Because it was served with our homemade and special thick sesame paste based sauce, its portions were limited. it was refreshing, spicy, gingery and sesame taste. Pulled chicken soaked the sauce and was topped on BBG.  It must have been very tasty after touring a studio to another studio in hot weather?
 Come and try BBG? again, its portions are limited!