Thursday, November 24, 2011

been a week

It has been a week since Shinobi was open.
Thanks to those people who came to try ramen @ Shinobi.
Hope they or you guys enjoyed and liked it.
Shinobi's menu is still small and yes, it is smaller than the one posted before.
However, it has been expanded little by little.
now we have 6 kinds of ramen and 2 kinds of appes.
open mon-sat from 6pm to 11pm or til our premium stock lasts. closed on sun
Please come to try Shinobi's Ramen!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

finally open!

Hi, guys! Thanks for your comments and support!
Shinobi is finally open!
It is really really exciting.
We have started with a small menu just in case of keeping consistancy of tastes of our ramens,
but we will expand it in near future.
Please stop by and taste our ramens!!!
We are open from 6pm to 11pm or til soup lasts and closed on Sundays.
Thanks once again