Saturday, November 10, 2012


Our orignal ramen, called "TYSON RAMEN"is in CHOPSTICKS MAGAZINE in this month issue!!! It is a big article. There are pictures of SHINOBI RAMEN, SOY RAMEN & TYSON RAMEN in the article. We have been selling TYSON RAMEN a lot these days! It is our premium soy sauce based ramen in our original chicken broth topped with 4 hours stewed pork ribs, pickled cabbage, boiled egg and scallions.
You will be very surprised how big those ribs are! They are usually sticking out from bowls.The ribs are very juicy and tender. Since they are so soft and tender, their bones come off by themself. We sold out TYSON RAMEN by 10pm last night, Nov 9th.

Please come and try our TYSON RAMEN to charge some energy for this cold weather!!!
It may be sold out soon tonight too?

our sign has been back in the place outside

Our sign for the restaurant has been finally back outside!
It was taken off from the wall by Storm SANDY.
We were really lucky that we still had power and gas.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

shinobi closed for 2 days

Shinobi was managed to open from last tuesday that was right after Sandy hit the city.
We just lost the sign outside. Weluckly had power and water. However, We have recieved no deliveries from our suppliers since last wednesday. As a result, we ran out of noodles and had to be closed yesterday Nov 3rd and today 4th.
The owner of Shinobi has just picked up noodles from one of our suppliers around 4:30pm today sunday Nov 4th. So we will be open from 6pm til noodles lasts on Monday Nov 5th. We are not honestly sure when we will recieve a delivery of noodles? hopefully on this friday?
hope to see you guys @ SHINOBI!!!