Friday, December 20, 2013


We are happy to announce you that our SHINOBI ramen was chosen as "THE 8 BOWLS OF NYC RAMEN YOU NEED TO GET RIGHT NOW" by THRILLIST NYC.
We are really proud of ourselves for this written-up.
By the way, we were chosen as "  SIETSEMA'S RAMEN HEATMAP: 12 BOWLS TO TRY RIGHT NOW" by EATER NYC a couple month ago as well.
We are really happy about these articles written about our ramen!!!
come and try our ramen at Shinobi ramen

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Last 2 weeks, we had crazy weather.
It was really hot one day and really chilly next day.
Finally, we have fall in the city?
It has been truly fall and RAMEN season!
RAMEN warms you up in cool, chilly or cold weather.
we have variety of ramen @ shinobi ramen.
Our best seller; SHIBOBI RAMEN is soy based chicken soup with noodles
                          topped with 7 kinds of toppings.
                          you can enjoy it with our original MISO paste.
Our regulars favorite ramen; SUPER MISO ramen is our original miso pasted based
                           chicken ramen topped with pickled cabbage, sesame oil braised garlic,
                           spicy butter, scallions, corn, boiled egg and stewed pork cha siu.
Addiction ramen; TAN TAN men is spicy sesame paste and bean paste soup based ramen.
                             VEGGIE TAN TAN IS ALSO AVAILABLE

Hope to see you soon @ SHINOBI RAMEN

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our Shrimp dumplings

That crazy heat has passed the city and nice comfortable summer has been back!
Cold ramen for hot weather
Hot ramen for the comfortable summer or rainy days
We have not only those tasty ramen, but also tasty and good portions of appetizers.
Our steamed shrimp dumplings are one of popular dishes at Shinobi Ramen.
They are served with homemade spicy mayo. We can FRY them too!
It stimulates your appetite in summer!

Friday, July 5, 2013

COLD RAMEN for hot summer

It has been really hot hot hot in New York city these days.
But we have cold ramen to cool you down for this kind of summer.
We have BBG cold ramen that is topped with pulled chicken breasts, cucumbers,
tomatoes, lettuce, scallion, roasted sesames and boiled egg in homemade spicy
white sesame sauce.
We also have UMI cold vegetarian whole wheat ramen topped with okra, sprouts,
seaweed, corn, scallions and organic tofu in homemade sweet and sour sauce.
It is still nice to have our chicken based ramen or spicy white sesame paste based ramen.
but if you prefer cold one, come and try these ones!

Friday, June 21, 2013

1st Bushwick restaurant week

This is an event called "Bushwick restaurant week" that has started from June 17th 2013.
It will end on June 23rd. However, it will end on June 22nd at Shinobi Ramen since
we are closed on Sundays.
Anyway, we offer $15 prefix menu that comes with one appetizer, one ramen and ice cream!!!
 a choice of either homemade kim chee OR cold edamame.
a choice of either Shinobi Ramen ( soy flavored chicken soup ramen topped with sliced stewed pork and chicken, sprouts, cabbage, corn, scallions and boiled egg)

 Veggie Tan Tan ( spicy white sesame paste based whole wheat noodle ramen topped with
organic tofu, sprouts, cabbage, corn, scallions)
-Ice Cream:
a choice of either a piece Green tea Mochi Ice cream or Strawberry Mochi Ice cream
We also offer 15% food discount from our regular menu

It will end tomorrow! so come and try our special deals!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013


There was a festival called BUSHWICK OPEN STUDIO AND ART FESTIVAL in Bushwick in Brooklyn where Shinobi Ramen were located last weekend.
Many many people came to taste our ramen during the festivals.
We really thank them for coming.
Since those days were really hot days, so we sold out our signature cold ramen named "BBG" before 9pm. Because it was served with our homemade and special thick sesame paste based sauce, its portions were limited. it was refreshing, spicy, gingery and sesame taste. Pulled chicken soaked the sauce and was topped on BBG.  It must have been very tasty after touring a studio to another studio in hot weather?
 Come and try BBG? again, its portions are limited!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

open for LUNCHES on ONLY this friday 5/31 and saturday 6/1/2013

The seventh annual Bushwich Open Studio will take place this friday - this sunday.
So we will be serving lunches from noon to 2:30pm on ONLY this friday and saturday.
And we will be reopen for dinners from 6pm to 11:30pm as usual.
We are happy to serve you at lunch time as well.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

our summer 2013 menu is ready!!!

Finally, our summer menu is officially ready!
New dishes are
-Steamed shrimp dumplings
served with homemade spicy mayo
-Seaweed salad
served with cucumbers, organic tofu, sesame seeds and yuzu ponzu dressing
-BBG cold ramen
Original spicy white sesame paste sauce bases cold ramen topped with pulled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, boiled egg and scallions
-UMI veggie cold ramen
Original sweet and soar sauce based cold whole wheat ramen topped with seaweed, okra, organic tofu, bean sprouts, corn and scallions
We still serve Tyson Ramen that is soy sauce based ramen topped with stewed prok ribs, pickled cabbege, boiled egg and scallions, BUT BUT LIMITED PORTIONS EVERY NIGHT!!!
SO come early to taste TYSON!!!  We are open at 6pm!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shinobi's summer menu is coming soon

What a beautiful weather!!!
lovely, isn't it?

Do you remember how short spring is in nyc?
That means hot hot summer is just around the corner!

So we will be having our summer menu in a week or so.

BBG cold ramen is coming back soon as well!!!
Remember BBG?
It was our best seller last summer.
It is cold ramen topped with pulled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, roasted sesame seeds
and homemade spicy oil in homemade spicy white sesame paste based sauce.
yeah, it sounds sooooo good, isn't it?
Some guests have started asking for it already.

We just came up with new cold veggie ramen today!
It will be sweet, sour and tomato sauce whole wheat ramen topped with organic tofu,
 some veggies and a touch of spice.
It is very refreshing.

Come and try them!
They should be ready in a week?

Enjoy the weather!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

homemade KIM CHEE

Finally beautiful out!!! it looks like spring has come to the city at last?

What is good for spring?
No doubt about that!
Addition to our ramen, we serve homemade KIM CHEE that is fermented for 3 days at least.
What is KIM CHEE by the way?
It is fresh Nappa cabbages fermented in different kinds of spicies for days.
Our KIM CHEE is not sourly and not too spicy like original one.
It is really worth to try if you like midium spicy food.

We really recommend it to start with before our tasty ramen!  

Saturday, January 26, 2013

freezing week!!!!!

This week has been unbelievably cold in NYC!!!
We forgot what winter was like in the city since we had some warmer winter last 2 years.
I guess this weather has been a reminder for us " THIS IS WINTER IN NYC! U REMEMBER NOW?"
So why do you come to warm up yourself by eating our SPICY ramen @ Shinobi??? We have 3 ramen in SPICY broth.

- TAN TAN MEN..........a rich and spicy sesame and bean paste based ramen topped with ground pork, cabbage, scallions, sesame seeds and homemade spicy oil

-MABO RAMEN...........our signature 100 % chicken broth based ramen topped with spicy miso paste, ground pork, ORGANIC TOFU, scallions and homemade spicy oil

-SUPER MISO RAMEN.......our signature 100% chicken broth based ramen with our original miso paste and  topped wtih pickled cabbage, brasied garlic, corn, scallions, sliced stewed pork, boiled egg and homemade spicy butter

 we can SPICY UP any ramen for you by your request!
Come n' warm up yourself to beat up this cold weather!!!

* you can substitute pork to roasted chicken

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Thank you & Happy New Year" from Shinobi's staff

We really thank you for coming and tasting our ramen at Shinobi Ramen.
It has been one year as of Nov 15th 2012 since Shinobi Ramen was first open.
We felt it was a kind of SHORT, but a LONG year sometimes.
We will continue making and serving our ramen with its consistant taste, quality and LOVE!