Saturday, January 26, 2013

freezing week!!!!!

This week has been unbelievably cold in NYC!!!
We forgot what winter was like in the city since we had some warmer winter last 2 years.
I guess this weather has been a reminder for us " THIS IS WINTER IN NYC! U REMEMBER NOW?"
So why do you come to warm up yourself by eating our SPICY ramen @ Shinobi??? We have 3 ramen in SPICY broth.

- TAN TAN MEN..........a rich and spicy sesame and bean paste based ramen topped with ground pork, cabbage, scallions, sesame seeds and homemade spicy oil

-MABO RAMEN...........our signature 100 % chicken broth based ramen topped with spicy miso paste, ground pork, ORGANIC TOFU, scallions and homemade spicy oil

-SUPER MISO RAMEN.......our signature 100% chicken broth based ramen with our original miso paste and  topped wtih pickled cabbage, brasied garlic, corn, scallions, sliced stewed pork, boiled egg and homemade spicy butter

 we can SPICY UP any ramen for you by your request!
Come n' warm up yourself to beat up this cold weather!!!

* you can substitute pork to roasted chicken

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