Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Last 2 weeks, we had crazy weather.
It was really hot one day and really chilly next day.
Finally, we have fall in the city?
It has been truly fall and RAMEN season!
RAMEN warms you up in cool, chilly or cold weather.
we have variety of ramen @ shinobi ramen.
Our best seller; SHIBOBI RAMEN is soy based chicken soup with noodles
                          topped with 7 kinds of toppings.
                          you can enjoy it with our original MISO paste.
Our regulars favorite ramen; SUPER MISO ramen is our original miso pasted based
                           chicken ramen topped with pickled cabbage, sesame oil braised garlic,
                           spicy butter, scallions, corn, boiled egg and stewed pork cha siu.
Addiction ramen; TAN TAN men is spicy sesame paste and bean paste soup based ramen.
                             VEGGIE TAN TAN IS ALSO AVAILABLE

Hope to see you soon @ SHINOBI RAMEN

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