Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our New Ramen for this winter

 We have changed to our winter menu since a week ago.
As a result, our two cold ramens, called BBG and GEISHA ramens, are
out from our menu. Instead, we have added three new ramens in
our winter menu.
 First one is called "SUPER MISO RAMEN".
That is topped with pickled cabbage, corn, scallion, boiled egg,
pork cha siu, sesame oil braised garlic and homemade spicy butter
in our premium miso paste based chicken broth. This ramen has become
one of our best sellers already!!!

 Second one is called" VEGGIE MISO RAMEN".
That is Miso paste and our original veggie broth based whole wheat noodles Ramen.
It is topped with bean sprouts, cabbage, corn, scallions, organic tofu.
*We also offer our premium soy sauce based Veggie Ramen that we had in our menu before.

 Third one is called "VEGGIE TAN TAN MEN".
This is a vegetarian version of Regular Tan Tan Men that we have in our menu.
It is whole wheat noodles Ramen topped with bean sprouts, cabbage, corn, scallions,
organic tofu in our original spicy sesame and bean paste soup.

Please come to try these new ramens!

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