Wednesday, January 18, 2012

been 2 months already

It has been 2 months since Shinobi was open.
We really really thank our customers for visiting and enjoying our dishes @ Shinobi.
We have been trying to improve our menu and service day by day.
In our first week, we started with just 3 kinds of ramen and no appetizers. Then we added 2 more in the second week. Now, we have 6 kinds of ramen and 1 winter special that is called Tyson Ramen and 6 kinds of appetizers on our menu. Tyson Ramen is soy sauce based ramen topped with stewed pork ribs, pickled cabbages, scallions and boiled egg. It is very popular, so sold out by 8pm when it is busy.
If we can have more space in our kitchen, we would like to have our original pork or chichen buns and cha han that is pan fried rice on our menu. We had chan han as our special once and our customers loved it!

Anyway, Thank you once again and we will post our updated menu asap.

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