Monday, April 9, 2012

Summer dishes!!!

Spring is here and Summer is around the couner?
So we have started serving our summer dishes. Those are 2 kinds of cold ramen with original sauces and an appetizer. "BBG ramen" is cold ramen served with an original spicy sesame sauce and topped with cucumber, tomato, lettuce, pulled chicken and boiled egg. "Geisha ramen" is cold vegetarian ramen served with an original miso and soy milk sauce and topped with grilled vegetable skewers, organic tofu, corn and scallion. We have also added "Pork ban sliders" served with stewed pork, scallion, teriyaki sauce and japanese mayo. Come and try our summer dishes!!!


  1. congratulations on your opening. I was talking to the owner at Via Emilia, and my wife and I asked about you (we're the couple from across the street, Johnn and Elaine). We are very happy for you. Will be sure to try your place if ever in the area. Good luck!

  2. Hey Shinobi I'm looking for a part time job and I was wondering if you guys are hiring. I am very experienced with culinary kitchens, foods, and management. I go to a culinary high school if you are hiring email me at

  3. we still miss you at Via Emilia, but we'll be going back for more of your ramen soon! (I've got to try the BBG ramen!!!) In the meantime, I'm sending my friends :-)