Wednesday, July 18, 2012


what a weather!!! hope everyone stays away from this crazy heat. As we posted at the last time, we have 2 kinds of cold ramen at Shinobi Ramen for this crazy summer. BBG and GEISHA RAMEN New York Magazine posted them in its Approval Matrix!!! It just said "cold ramen at Shinobi ramen in Bushwick" with a small picture. I guess that was our BBG Ramen? Even though the picture was real small, many people found it and called, texted and told us about it. We are really happy about it!!! We sold BBG more than GEISHA ramen before, but GEISHA HAS BEEN CATCHING UP THESE DAYS. IT IS 100 % VEGETARIAN RAMEN. If you haven't tried them, please come and try them!!! They are really refreshing dishes. really nice when it is really hot. The both sauce is original and homemade daily. Yes,I said the sauce is ORIGINAL. That means no one has the same sauce in ANYWHERE. Thank you for your support

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