Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shinobi's Appetizers

When Shinobi Ramen was open last Nov, there were only two appetizers to start with. They were Shinobi's Japanese style fried chicken and fried pork dumplings. Our fried chicken is our original. It is marinated in soy sauce, sake and some spicies and fried with spiced up flour! A bit spicy! It is served with our original Teriyaki sauce on the side. Our Pork dumplings = Gyoza are fried as well. Usually pan-fried in most of restaurants, but we prefer fried. Yeah, FRIED!!! Crispy outside and juicy inside! They are served with our Teriyaki sauce as well. we have six kinds of appetizers on our menu now. Don't forget trying our homemade Kim Chee! It is fermented in our original spicy sauce for 4 days. It is pretty spicy! come n' try our appetizers!!!

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