Thursday, December 20, 2012

It is a season for hot ramen!!!
Chilly, windy and drizzling weather these days.
So why not to try our ramen?
We have our winter ramen, called " SUPER MISO RAMEN",
It is our original miso based chicken soup ramen topped with
homemade pickled cabbages, sesame oil brasied garlic, spicy butter,
corn, scallion, boiled egg and pork cha siu.
Our original miso paste is not miso paste you find in super market.
We add some fruits, spicies and sake, etc. to give more flavor!
Miso based ramen has come from Northern Island of Japan where has the same cold weather as New York.
We are sure that our SUPER MISO RAMEN gives you some power and warm you up!!!

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