Monday, October 31, 2011

Got Gas!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Guys!
I finally got gas @ Shinobi!!!
It was really so long time to wait for gas.
I have started to prepare and test my ramens.
They should be ready by sometime next week?
so Please stop by and say Hello anytime!
I will be cooking.
Menu should be ready soon too?
I will let you know about Grand opening in this blog.

Thanks for waiting, guys!
see ya soon


  1. I just want to say: I'm a broth fiend and besides a few other things he mentioned on the menu that sounded good, I talked to Shinya (the owner/chef if you hadn't read his other posts) and he said one thing that I'm totally stuck on: it takes 36 hours to make his broth! OMG, I seriously can't wait, I'm gonna be like the last guy at a bar but with an empty bowl of broth in front of me when this place opens.

  2. Hurry up and open soon! Perfect weather for a warm bowl of broth & noodles!

  3. Dying (starving for ramen!) to know, when do you officially open?!

  4. when will you open!? we are so excited to have you in the neighborhood!!! I will walk my dog on your street every day waiting for the opening! leave notes outside so we know when to swing by for the opening!!!

  5. Please post a menu and the hours of operation.


    Drooling neighbor.

  6. I saw lights on and a couple employees eating - but it was late so I assumed you were closed. I can't wait for you guys to open! The menu you have posted in the window looks delicious!!