Friday, August 19, 2011

article about Shinobi? already?

hi, guys!
 Last night,  I was told that there is an article about your restaurant!!!
I was like no way...really??? but how come? I didnt ask anyone to write about my restaurant yet, bz it is not open yet!
Well, I told one of my friend about the article and he was like "I FOUND IT!!!"
here is the one.
I am really glad that some people welcome my restaurant opening up!
p.s. I have been expecting to pass 2 more inspactions in next wk and the wk after.

so hope to see u soon


  1. I look at your restaurant and hope for it to open every day. I understand the importance of ramen, and eagerly anticipate its arrival.

  2. When does shinobi open??? Every day I walk by and I wish!